ഇവിടെ പ്രസിദ്ധീകരിക്കുന്ന വിവരങ്ങള്‍ ഇന്റര്‍നെറ്റിലെ വിവിധ സൈറ്റുകളില്‍ നിന്നും അഭ്യുദയകാംക്ഷികളില്‍ നിന്നുമെല്ലാം ലഭിക്കുന്നവയാണ്. അതു കൊണ്ടു തന്നെ ഇവ ഔദ്യോഗികമോ ആധികാരികമോ അവസാനവാക്കോ ആയിരിക്കുകയുമില്ല. അവയുടെ സാധുത ഉറപ്പുവരുത്തേണ്ട ബാധ്യത പൂര്‍ണമായും വായനക്കാര്‍ക്കു തന്നെയായിരിക്കും. അതുമൂലമുണ്ടാകുന്ന ഏതൊരു കഷ്ടനഷ്ടങ്ങള്‍ക്കും യാതൊരു ബാധ്യതയോ ഉത്തരവാദിത്വമോ 'മലയോരവിശേഷ'ത്തിനോ അഡൂര്‍ സ്‌കൂളിനോ ഉണ്ടായിരിക്കുകയില്ല.
Date            Circular / Order
11.11.2016 Invited district wise Applications for BRC Trainers
10.11.2016 Noon Meal Program : Clarifications from DPI to AEOs
05.11.2016 Departmental test- PSC Notification
04.11.2016 Free Uniform Distribution - Directions-DPI
31.10.2016 OBC Pre-Metric Scholarship 2016-17 Notification
08.08.2016 Financial assistance to the wards of Beedi/Cine/ LSD Mine workers for Class I to X, 2016-17
08.08.2016 Appointment of teachers on daily wage basis - permission granted - orders issued - DPI order dtd 04-08-2016
08.08.2016 Staff fixation 2016-2017 IGO about the deployment of Protected teachers and Staff fixation IStaff Fixation -Sanction of Appointment - Uneconomic Schools-
08.08.2016 Safety Measures for School Buses
08.08.2016 Group Insurance Scheme - Reclassification of scale of pay of Groups and Revision of of rate of subscription
06.08.2016 Class Monitoring form and self assessment form for Headmaster (QIP Published on 2014)
28.07.2016 School Parliament Election 2016-17
20.07.2016 NTSE/NMMS NOTIFICATION : Notification (Eng) I Notification (Mal) I Online Payment for NTSE
18.07.2016 Atal Innovation Mission
16.07.2016 Noon Meal Cooks Wages Hiked with retrospective effect
16.07.2016 Lumpsum Grant Rates Enhanced by 25% - CIRCULAR
12.07.2016 Arabic Talent Examination in Schools
08.07.2016 DPI (Internal Audit Section) Guidelines and functioning of School PTA
08.07.2016 ORC(Our Responsibility to Child) Calendar 2016-17
06.07.2016 Letter from Balavakasa Commission about the functioning of SMC and SMDC
02.07.2016 Updation of Sixth working day details..Time limit extended to 07-07-2016
25.06.2016 UID based Staff Fixation-Teachers should update Sampoorna before June 30
24.06.2016 Preparation of seniority list of Kannada Knowing HSA's also are eligible for out of turn promotion as HM/AEO for the year 16 -17
10.06.2016 Fund Collection- Instructions for Collecting Funds from Class 9 & 10
06.06.2016 Sixth Working Day 2016-2017
03.06.2016 Admission of Students without Insisting TC
17.05.2016 ICT Training for Teachers 2016 -18
17.05.2016 Revision of Dearness Allowance/Relief - Orders issued
02.05.2016 Latest Government order about Staff fixation
18.04.2016 DPI Directions to the HMs about the quality improvement in Schools
09.04.2016 General Transfer of Teachers-Clarification of Tribal,Remote & Hill Areas
09.04.2016 Drop box for School students-Instructions
05.04.2016 Teachers Package-Staff Fixation Order
08.03.2016 SSLC 2016_Latest Instructions to Chief Supdts
27.02.2016 Finance Department - Enhancement of remuneration of daily wage personnel and persons on contract appointment - orders issued
26.02.2016 IT Exam(Annual) for VIII and IX_Circular
22.02.2016 Pay Revision-2014_Modification/Erratum_Order
16.02.2016 Spark-Pay Fixation_Circular
12.02.2016 SSLC March 2016_Awarding Grace Marks_DPI Circular
09.02.2016 Annual Exam_Time Table*HS Section*HS attached LP/UP*Independent LP/UP*Muslim School LP/UP
06.02.2016 SSLC IT Exam 2016_Circular
04.02.2016 General Transfer_Govt.School Teachers
01.02.2016 SSLC Model Exam 2016_Time Table
01.02.2016 LSS Exam 2016_Directions
29.01.2016 SSLC Exam March 2016_Time Table
26.01.2016 SSLC Exam March 2016_Directions about CE Marks uploading
11.01.2016 SSLC IT Model Exam 2016_Circular
09.01.2016 Provisional Seniority List of HMs/Heads of TTI/AEO from 13.01.2011 to 03.12.2012
08.01.2016 Mid day Meal_Cooking Charge Clarification
06.01.2016 Text Book Indent_Instructions
05.01.2016 LSS/USS_Online management User Guide
31.12.2015 NPR Duty_Compensatory Leave
29.12.2015 SSLC A List Correction_Last Date extended up to 5.1.2016
28.12.2015 Inter District Transfer_Guidelines
27.10.2015 Announced Leave with salary on the polling Day except for Polling Officers
27.10.2015 Latest Circular about OEC Lump-sum grant
26.10.2015 Circular about Snehapoorvam Project
21.10.2015 SSLC Exam March 2016_Notification
16.10.2015 Mid Term IT Exam 2015_Circular
16.10.2015 Sasthrolsavam 2015-16_DPI Circular
05.10.2015 IT Mela_Circular
17.08.2015 Staff Fixation 2015-16**Directions**Proforma
17.08.2015 NTS Exam 2015**Notification**SBT online payment
17.08.2015 NMMS Exam 2015_Notification
14.08.2015 Onam Festival Allowance enhanced to Rs.2400_Order
12.08.2015 Early Disbursement of Salary and Pension in connection with Onam
10.08.2015 School Bag_Directions from Balavakasha Commission
10.08.2015 Noon Meal Programme_DPI Circular
07.08.2015 Dearness Allowance to Employees and Pensioners-Rates revised_Orders issued w.e.f.01.01.2015
07.08.2015 National Savings Scheme-Promotional Allowance sanctioned for school Sanjaika Scheme_Orders issued
07.08.2015 Internal Support Mission(ISM) Visit on 11.08.2015_Guidelines of DPI
07.08.2015 Independence day Celebrations-2015_Guidelines
06.08.2015 Teachers Package_Revised Guidelines
03.08.2015 School Parliament Election 2015-16_Circular
30.07.2015 Prematric_Self attested Certificates_Circular
25.07.2015 Teachers Day-2015_Instructions
16.07.2015 Noon Meal-Wages enhanced for Cooks
07.07.2015 HM/AEO Promotion Order
07.07.2015 Inclusion of Teaching Practice in Arabic and Urdu Course_G.O.
06.07.2015 Text Book Supply_Press Release
02.07.2015 Internal Support Mission(ISM)_Circular
02.07.2015 Help File_Registers to be maintained in a School
02.07.2015 OEC_Premetric Scholarship_Notification
28.06.2015 Distribution of various publications in schools-Regarding
28.06.2015 School Kalolsavam_Fund Collection-Regarding
28.06.2015 National Children Science Congress
27.06.2015 Departmental Promotion Committee_CR Called for
25.06.2015 HSE-Max.Duty Leave limited to 20 a year
24.06.2015 ICT Training for Teachers_2015-16
22.06.2015 Panchayath aid to aided schools
19.06.2015 State Teachers Award/PTA Award/Prof:Mundassery Award
18.06.2015 Noo Meal Officers_Duties and responsibilities
17.06.2015 Mathrubhumi Seed Programme
17.06.2015 An important verdict regarding Test qualification for HM/AEO Promotion
05.06.2015 Sixth Working Day_DPI's Circular
02.06.2015 Uniform Distribution_Guidelines
02.06.2015 Modified School Time Table
28.05.2015 Praveshanotsavam_Directions
02.05.2015 Text Book Distribution_Circular
01.05.2015 SSLC-Revaluation/Scrutiny/Photocopy_Circular
30.04.2015 SPARK_Updation of mandatory Data-Time limit extended
22.04.2015 SAMPOORNA_DPI's Circular dtd 18.04.2015
17.04.2015 Ban on conducting classes in Summer Vacation
08.04.2015 Vacation Training_QIP Minutes
28.03.2015 Junk Food/Plastics/Flex banned in Schools
27.03.2015 Mid Day Meal-Utilisation of MME Fund_Guidelines
18.03.2015 HSST Teachers on Daily wages_Payment of Remuneration_Sanctioned
11.03.2015 SAMPOORNA-Circular
06.03.2015 Sargolsavam-Grace Marks for ST Students
04.03.2015 SSLC/THSLC Grace Mark Entry-Circular
03.03.2015 Appointment in Uneco. Schools since 1.6.2011_A Clarification Letter
28.02.2015 Mid Day Meal Scheme - Circular
27.02.2015 IT Annual Exam for Std 8 and 9 - Circular
26.02.2015 Extracurricular activities in Schools-Instructions
20.02.2015 SSLC-CE Mark Entry-Instructions from Pareekshabhavan
20.02.2015 Un-Economic Schools_Appointment of Teachers
20.02.2015 LSS/USS-Appointment of Invigilators
20.02.2015 Asram_Ekalavya Schools-Appointment of Teachers
20.02.2015 HSE-Appointment of Guest Teachers-Relaxation in Spl.Rules
13.02.2015 K-TET Exemption granted to the Teachers appointed during 2014-15
13.02.2015 PEECS Center in Govt./Aided HSS-Instructions to Principals
11.02.2015 SSLC A List published_Revised Circular
11.02.2015 SSLC IT Exam 2015_Circular
10.02.2015 DA Order GO(P)No.72/2015
09.02.2015 National ICT Award for Teachers
24.01.2015 SSLC Model Exam Circular and Time Table
23.01.2015 Grace Marks for NCC to Plus Two Students
23.01.2015 Deployment of Govt.School Teachers-Clarification
23.01.2015 Special Casual Leave to Physically Handicapped Employees-Clarification
21.01.2015 SSLC A List Correction_Important Circular
21.01.2015 Strike on January 22-Govt.Order*Press Release
17.01.2015 K-TET Extension Order
09.01.2015 SSLC IT Model Exam_Circular
09.01.2015 National Award for Teachers_Guidelines
08.01.2015 Text Book Distribution 2015-16_Circular
07.01.2015 LSS/USS Notification
06.01.2015 Inter District Transfer 2014-15 Guidelines
02.01.2015 Text Book Online Intending 2015-Circular
01.01.2015 Sanskrit Scholarship Examination
30.12.2014 Appointment of Non-Teaching Staff from Teachers Bank
30.12.2014 UDISE-Data Collection
30.12.2014 IED-Special Educator & Coordinator
30.12.2014 School Level Health Data-Performa
24.12.2014 Teachers Bank and Staff Fixation - Guidelines
24.12.2014 Restricted Holiday On March 12, 2015 to Government employees and Teachers belong to Nadar Community
24.12.2014 Educational allowances to the parents(employees) of disabled children - Clarification
24.12.2014 Income Deduction from Salaries during the Financial Year 2014-15 Circular
22.12.2014 Observation of observation of Good Governance Day on Dec 25 Letter to NSS Programme officers
22.12.2014 SSLC Examination March 2015- Erratum in Notification reg
22.12.2014 Distribution of Iron & Folic Acid Tablets to school Children - Circular
22.12.2014 35Th National Games -Run Kerala Run - Instructions issued
22.12.2014 HSE - Cancellation of regularisation of employees - without PSC Verification reg.
22.12.2014 HSE -CDIT - Cyber Darshan Awareness Training to Teachers about ill effects of Cyber Crimes
20.12.2014 Implementation of National Pension System - Applicability of the Scheme - Clarification issued
20.12.2014 Medical Reimbursement -Verification of essentiality certificate by competent authority- specification of admissible amount - Instructions to Heads of Dept.
20.12.2014 Reporting of anticipatory vacancies for LDC June 2015 G.O 25085/adv.c3/2014/P&RD dtd15/12/2014
20.12.2014 Reporting of anticipatory vacancies through email to KPSC orders issued 2474/adv.c3/2014/P&RD dtd 5-12-2014
20.12.2014 Revision of monthly work report.reg
20.12.2014 Instruction to file annual property statement on line for employees reg.
19.12.2014 Transfer and posting of Heads of Panchayath High Schools
19.12.2014 Exemption from Malayalam as Compulsory Subject in SSLC Exam 2015
19.12.2014 Transfer of Teacher in Ekalavya/Asram /Model residential Schools
19.12.2014 GPAIS - Extension  of Time limit for deduction  and remittance of Premium for the Year 2015
19.12.2014 Transfer and posting of officers in the cadre of HS/AEO'S/TTI'S
19.12.2014 HSE - CE monitoring Schedule 2014-15
19.12.2014 Std XII Remittance of fee date extended
19.12.2014 BPL Scholarship  - directions to Principals
18.12.2014 Public Entrance Exam Coaching Scheme -PEES Crash Course  - Circular
18.12.2014 Screening of Students film - Manal chigthrangal reg
17.12.2014 Appointment to  the last grade Service -PSC  Verification and PSC Verification made mandatory for the regularization of service
17.12.2014 HBA Scheme extended to Panchayath/Municipality School Staff
17.12.2014 Kerala Right to service act 2012 -No separate application for the service of various Govt.departments
17.12.2014 Malayalam official language  - formation of new samithi  - orders issued
17.12.2014 Delay in disbursing Pensionary benefits -Imposing Penal interest reg.
17.12.2014 Snehapoorvam - Revised Guidelines |Website|
15.12.2014 Distribution of 'Daivadasakam' chart in Schools - Charts available in DDE offices - circular
15.12.2014 Public Entrance Exam Coaching Scheme - Crash Course through Victers Channel
13.12.2014 HSE - IInd Term Exam(Christmas Exam)- Guidelines
13.12.2014 HSS- Sanction accorded to purchase Lab Items for 401 Govt.Higher Secondary schools - Circular and list of articles to be purchased dtd 13-11-2014
12.12.2014 Cabinet gives approval for teachers’ package and teachers’ bank associated with it - Press release
12.12.2014 LSG Dept. - Birth/Death certificates downloaded from website - approved as authentic document - order issued
12.12.2014 Sampoorna - verification of data and photo uploading  of X Std Students  - Time limit
12.12.2014 Seniority list of  HSA'S from 1.1.2001 to 31.12.2006  - Service Card called for.
11.12.2014 Regularisation of Strike period
10.12.2014 Minority Prematric Scholarship - Circular to Schools
10.12.2014 Second Terminal Exam - 2014 collection of question papers reg
10.12.2014 Application for leave with out allowance - guidelines
10.12.2014 HSE -PTA Guidelines Modified - order
10.12.2014 Library Science Examination March 2015 Notification
10.12.2014 Promotion Transfer and posting of officers in the cadre of heads of HS/AEO'S and TTI'S
09.12.2014 Integrated education to the disabled children -order
09.12.2014 Departmental Promotion Committee(higher/lower) -Submission of Confidential Report reg
09.12.2014 HM/AEO Promotion -Exemption from Department Test - Date extended
09.12.2014 HBA advance 2014-15 extension of date
09.12.2014 Attachment of Schools in  Muvattupuzha AEO
08.12.2014 Observance of Human Rights Day on 10 th Dec.
| Circular | Pledge |
08.12.2014 Equivalency  if Qualification for Posts included in the Special Rules - Issuance of Timely modification
08.12.2014 Parliamentary affairs Ministry - Representation of M.P'S In Govt.functions reg. - orders issued
08.12.2014 HSE - International Human Rights Day -All Govt.Institutions should take Pledge on Dec 10  - Circular
08.12.2014 Renewal of fixed deposits -Delegating the power to District Treasury Officers Sanctioned
06.12.2014 Holiday on 15-01-2015 to Govt.Offices and Educational Institutions in Thiruvananthapuram,Palakkad, Pathanamthitta,Idukki and Wayanad Districts on account of Thaipongal - orders issued
06.12.2014 Reporting of anticipatory Vacancies for LDC - orders issued
06.12.2014 Approval or Rejection of cases -proceedings of DPI
2.Order:KDi/EM2/40119/14/DPI  3.Order:KDi/EM2/65211/14/DPI
4.Order:KDi/EM2/77587/14/DPI 5.Order:KDi/EM2/84495/14/DPI
06.12.2014 Kerala State Schools Athletic Championship- Schedule of events
05.12.2014 Appointment in LWA Vacancies-Teaching/non Teaching staff clarification ltr No:50254/2014 dtd 27-10-2014
05.12.2014 Promotion - Last grade employees- Advance increment clarification cir No 41830 dtd 14/07/2014
05.12.2014 Discontinuing dissection of rare/endangered plants and animals in School laboratories circular No 41030/2013 dtd 5-10-2013
05.12.2014 HSE- Data collection of Lab Assistants(SC/ST) in Govt. HSS - urgent
04.12.2014 Implementing  E Treasury System- decisions taken in the meeting of  treasury director
04.12.2014 EAP - Field level Training of HSST'S in 6 core Subjects- Posting of RP'S reg.
04.12.2014 HSE - Remittance of Exam Fee for Std XI - date extended
04.12.2014 CWSN -SSLC Exam March 2014-15 District wise Details
04.12.2014 KGT Examination January 2015- On line Application
03.12.2014 HSE - Practical Evaluation - Zoology -Guidelines
03.12.2014 10 Pay Revision Commission - Tenure Extended to 30.6.2015
28.11.2014 General Education Department-Qualifications and methods of appointment for the post of Headmasters Assistant Teachers and Special Teachers appointed to the Schools for the Handicapped-Modified-Orders issued.G.O.(Ms)No.245/2014/G.Edn Dtd,24.11.2014
28.11.2014 HSE - Awarding 3% Grace marks to facilitator students of Higher Secondary course ho secure 95% attendance in games related activities in the 35th National Games Kerala
28.11.2014 Prathibha Scholarship 2014-15 Rank  List Published..Click Here to View
SSLC Examination March 2015 A list ARC/BT/CCC |B list Private |Form C | Form D | Form E/F |Form G |
27.11.2014 Noon meal cooking charges 2012-13 Clarification-DPI ltr dtd 21-11-2014
25.11.2014 Login ID and Pasword alloted to Newly sanctioned Higher Secondary Schools to login to DHSE Portal-Circular
25.11.2014 HSE- Time Table of Second Term Exam 2014 Revised.Revised Time Table dtd 25-11-2014
25.11.2014 Displaying of Name boards of Official Vehicles in Malayalam Reg.
25.11.2014 Steering Committee to supervise the School curriculum and Syllabus reconstituted
25.11.2014 Re deployment of Surplus PET as  Part Time Instructors Through SSA Reg.
KTET 2014 Rectified Answer Keys Click Here
Kerala School Sasthrolsavam 2014-15 Programme Notice
24.11.2014 Interest Free Medical advance - Inclusion of Date of Birth and Permanent Employees Number in the sanction Order G.O.P 98/2014 Fin 13-11-2014
24.11.2014 JRC A, B Level Exam postponed to Jan 10
22.11.2014 Revised Mid Term Exam Time Table
22.11.2014 Permission for purchase of books for school library
22.11.2014 Provisional Seniority list of officers in the cadre of senior Administrative Assistant
22.11.2014 Provisional Seniority list to the cadre of joint Deputy Director,Deputy Director of education and DEO'S
21.11.2014 Transfer and posting to the cadre of departmental HS/AEO'S and TTI'S
21.11.2014 Teaching and Non Teaching Staff in local self governing dept.coming over to Govt.Service - option called for
KGT Examination January 2015 Notification
Kerala School Sasthrolsavam(State Level) | Programme chart | Identity card |
16.11.2014 PSC Departmental Test - Notification
16.11.2014 Cancellation of GO for the Appointmentof Part Time Instructor- SSA
17.11.2014 State Level School Sasthrolsavam2014 - Notification - change of date of extension of inauguration | Appeal Entry Form|Identity Card form |
16.11.2014 Higher Secondary +1 and +2 - Remittance of exam fee - Date extended
16.11.2014 HSE - Special Order Admission Details Entry & Verification of Total Admitted List : Instruction to principals
16.11.2014 PSC Departmental Test - Notification
16.11.2014 Nursery Teachers Education Course Exam March 2015 - Notification
15.11.2014 Observance Of Quami Ekta week from Nov 19 to Nov.25
15.11.2014 Kerala State Insurance Department - Amendment to revive lapsed Polices
15.11.2014 Preparation of database in respect of State Service Pensioners -PRISM (Pensioner Information System) - Entry of data of pensioners in PRISM - Holding the original Pension Payment Orders in treasuries
14.11.2014 State level C.V Raman Essay Writing Competition - Result
14.11.2014 Kerala School Sasthrolsavam  - Identity Card
14.11.2014 Posting of part time Instructor reg.
14.11.2014 Distribution of OBC Prematric Scholarship Reg.
14.11.2014 10th Standard equivalency 2014 Say Exam Hall Ticket - Click here to Download
13.11.2014 Mid Term Exam Time Table | HS Section |LP&UP |Circular|
13.11.2014 Transfer and Posting to the cadre of departmental HS/AEO'S and TTI'S
13.11.2014 RMSA Fund Utilization Circular
11.11.2014 Chithrarachana Competition
07.11.2014 Information regarding Management Training to DEO'S conducted by SIEMAT -Kerala
07.11.2014 Art Education included in School Curriculum
07.11.2014 HSE- Panchayath Schools -Option -Seniority list
07.11.2014 HSE -Haritham -Haritha Sparsham Competitions for students
06.11.2014 D.Ed Curriculum -Comments and creative suggestions invited -circular
06.11.2014 Inclusion of PIN Codein the name boards of Government Officers and the contact telephonenumbers & e-mail addresses of the senders in all Government Communications-Strict compliance-Reg.
06.11.2014 Providing Caste Certificate to the Nadar Christians(S.I.U.C) - Guidelines issued
06.11.2014 HSE - Awareness activities against alcoholism and drugs in Schools
05.11.2014 OBC Prematric Scholarship - Distribution through Direct Benefit Transfer scheme reg .
04.11.2014 Pension for Retired Employees -Guideline for Pension - orders issued
04.11.2014 Right to Service act - Instructions to RDD and Higher Secondary School Principals
04.11.2014 Monthly Financial Assistance for hemophilia affected - Guidelines amended - orders issued
04.11.2014 General Administration (Co-ordination)Department-NOTIFICATION-Public Holidays to the Public holidays underthe Government of Kerala during the calendar year 2015 G O. (P) No.304/2014
04.11.2014 General Administration (Co-ordination) Department- NOTIFICATION-Public Holidays under NI Act in Kerala for the Calendar year 2015 G.O. (P) No. 305/20l4
04.11.2014 ASAP - Institutions which are declared as Skill Development Centers (SDC) DO. Letter no. 101/SS
List of Skill Development Centers (SDC)
03.11.2014 National Pension System - List of PRAN missing Employees - Deptwise
01.11.2014 Sampoorna - Extension of date for correction in SSLC Students Details
01.11.2014 National Integration - observance of Quami Ekta Week from 19-11-2014 to 25-11-2014
01.11.2014 Eligibility to the family members of former Govt.Employees who were in receipt of compassionate allowance - Clarification
01.11.2014 Concession to children with special needs(CWSN) appearing D.Ed Examination - November 2014
31.10.2014 Public Holidays for the Calendar year 2015 - Notification- G.O.P 305/2014 dtd 31/10/2014
31.10.2014 Obtaining Duplicate/ Triplicate Certificate from VHSE -Revised directions
31.10.2014 Department Test Training to SC, ST  Students
31.10.2014 Paithrukam -Kerala Piravi - Guidelines on activities in Schools by Diet Thrissur
31.10.2014 Right to Education Act-Notifying local authorities and Preparation of activity mapping for local authorities-Orders issued.
31.10.2014 B.Ed Course 2014-15 Selection of candidates under departmental Quota
31.10.2014 HSE- School Kalolsavam -Fund sharing -Directions to Principals
31.10.2014 HSE -NSS - National Integration Journey -List of Selected officials and Volunteers
31.10.2014 HSE- International Book Fair and Science Fair - Directions
30.10.2014 SSLC Exam March 2015- Orientation Programme for HM's Reg.
30.10.2014 SIEMAT - Kerala - Management training
30.10.2014 HSE - Remittance of fee for std XI - date extended
30.10.2014 HSE -Field level training of HSST - Constitution & Orientation of monitoring Team
29.10.2014 Observation of 31st October 2014 as Rashtriya Sankalp Divas(National Re dedication Day) reg.
29.10.2014 Appointment of Employees on Daily Wages - Enhancement of Daily Wages in respect of Various Categories - Orders issued
29.10.2014 Eligibility to the family members of former Government employees who were in receipt of compassionate allowance - Clarification
29.10.2014 HSE - Training Program for Headmaster & computer teacher of newly upgraded schools - Venue change reg.
28.10.2014 National Pension System - Deployment of Personnel from treasury Department to Finance NPS Cell - Extension for a further period of three months -Sanction accorded
27.10.2014 Duplicate admission - Govt/Aided Schools - Chance given to Schools to remove or edit details up to 30-10-2014 5.00 PM
27.10.2014 SSLC Examination March 2015- Appointment of deputy chief supdt in Gulf Region  -Circular
27.10.2014 SSLC Examination March 2015- Appointment of deputy chief supdt in Lakshdweep -Circular
27.10.2014 First and Higher Certificate Examination in Physical Education March 2015 -  Notification
27.10.2014 Malayalam - Sreshta Bhasha -Bharana Bhasha Celebrations - directions
27.10.2014 Transfer/postings to the cadre of heads of departmental HS/AEOs/TTIs
27.10.2014 Special School Kalolsavam 2014-15 Report
27.10.2014 Diploma examination in Language Education (DLED) Hindi, Arabic,Urdu – March - 2015- Notification
27.10.2014 HSE - Training for Scout masters VI Batch - Change of Venue reg.
25.10.2014 K TET 2014 - Answer Keys - Category 1 Category 2  category 3  Category 4
25.10.2014 NuMats Registration(Sub District level) Date Extended
25.10.2014 Time bound Higher Grade - Granting belated option - Case Study
25.10.2014 Injury during  duty time - Special Disability Leave Sanctioned - case study
25.10.2014 Appointing Protected Teachers in newly upgraded Schools - Case Study
25.10.2014 Kerala State - Bharath Scouts & Guides Token Flag price enhanced to Rs.10 G.O
25.10.2014 THSLC Exam March 2015 Notification
25.10.2014 AHSLC Exam March 2015 Notification
25.10.2014 SSLC (Hearing impaired)Exam March 2015 Notification
25.10.2014 THSLC(Hearing impaired) Exam March 2015 Notification
25.10.2014 HSE - Directions to Principals under RDD Tiruvananthapuram
24.10.2014 HSE - IED Scholarship - by Janakeeyasoothranam prog.directions
24.10.2014 SSA Director's letter about cluster training to primary Teachers
21.10.2014 Application form for interest free medical advance to Govt Employees
21.10.2014 National Pension System - Delay in Registration of employees coming under NPS - Instructions
21.10.2014 Payment of Pensionary benefits -Form of LC/NLC issued-Modified Circular No 90/2014 dtd 08/10/2014
21.10.2014 Payment of Pensionary benefits -Form of LC/NLC issued-Circular No 5/83 Fin dtd 09-02-1883- Modified orders issued.
20.10.2014 Transfer,Promotion and posting of officers in the cadre ofADPI,DDE & DEOs
20.10.2014 Permanent/Temporary relinquishment of promotion as Headmaster/Headmistress in panchayath High Schools
20.10.2014 Training programme for Headmasters and Computer Teachers of New  and upgraded Higher Secondary Schools
20.10.2014 HSE - Sugama Hindi Pareeksha - Directions to Principals
20.10.2014 HSE - Application Invited for Self Financing NSS units
19.10.2014 Backward Communities Development- Pre-matric Scholarship Distribution-G.O.No.90/14/dt 10/10/2014.
18.10.2014 Snehapoorvam' Project- Guideline renewed - Orders issued.
18.10.2014 Kerala Financial Code Vol.Form 58 incorporated - orders issued
18.10.2014 Transfer and deployment of Surplus Teachers HSA - Core Subjects - Kasaragod District
18.10.2014 Transfer and deployment of Surplus Teachers HSA (Language) Teachers - Kasaragod District
18.10.2014 Transfer and deployment of Surplus PD Teachers/LPSA/UPSA(Malayalam)  - Kasaragod
18.10.2014 HSE - Std XI Revaluation  and Scrutiny - date of submission reg.
18.10.2014 Special School Kalolsavam - Change of date
17.10.2014 SSLC Exam March 2015 - Notification
17.10.2014 Approval of appointment in uneconomic Schools - Appeal - Case Study
17.10.2014 Conversion of Drawing post into Physical Education Post - Revision Petition - Case Study G.O.
17.10.2014 HSE - Application invited for starting Kalakshethra centres in Higher secondary Schools
16.10.2014 District Merit Scholarship - Notification
16.10.2014 HSE - Plus One admission to the Year 2014-15 Marginal Increases in Seats Allowed..Orders issued
16.10.2014 HSE - Improvement /Supplementary Exam -Sanctioning of Scribes to CWSN students..Permission Granted
16.10.2014 National Pension System -Crediting arrears of Pay and Dearness allowance in respect of State Govt.Employess to GPF - Clarification
15.10.2014 Backward Communities - Revised eligibility Criteria for applying Prematric Scholarship.
15.10.2014 Digitalizing the History of Schools completed Shatabdi reg.
15.10.2014 Essay Competition for Higher Secondary Students by Bamboo Mission..Direction to Principals
14.10.2014 Conducting Sub District/ Revenue District IT Fair  - Guidelines
14.10.2014 Second Terminal IT Exam Circular
14.10.2014 Media Award  54th School Kalolsavam Press release
14.10.2014 School Health Programme -Providing albendazole to students reg.
13.10.2014 Granting of recognition to Unaided Schools following State Syllabus -Time extended for submitting Applications
13.10.2014 Enhancing Travelling Allowance of office attendants performing  Treasury Duty Sanctioned G.O(P)202/2014 Fin dtd 31-05-2014
13.10.2014 HSE - National Integration Journey Reg.
13.10.2014 HSE - Application for IED Grant -Instructions to Principals
13.10.2014 Swach Bharath Swach Vidhyalay Abhiyan reg
13.10.2014 Sugama Hindi Pareeksha reg
13.10.2014 Foreign Tour of Govt.Officers, Executives,Directors etc. Instructions issued
10.10.2014 RTE Act - Notifying local authorities and preparation of activity mapping for local authorities
09.10.2014 Govt/Aided Schools - Instructions to verify UID Details
09.10.2014 Inter District Transfer of Teachers
08.10.2014 Road Safety Pledge to be taken in School Assembly
08.10.2014 Transfer and Postings to the Heads of Departmental HS/AEO'S/TTI'S
08.10.2014 ICT Training for HSA'S and Newly Promoted HM's
07.10.2014 OBC Prematric Scholarship - Guidelines, Application. Circular  and List of OBC Communities
07.10.2014 Appointment of BRC Trainers on deputation Basis
07.10.2014 Two family Pensions for Military and Civil Employment..Orders issued
04.10.2014 Public Holiday to Educations Institutions and Govt.Offices on 06-01-2014 G.O Dated 04-10-2014
04.10.2014 Gandhi Jayanthi Online Quiz for High School Students
04.10.2014 NuMATS Registration Date Extended  ltr dtd 30-09-2014
04.10.2014 Compassionate Employment Scheme -Seniority Guidelines rectified ..Orders issued
04.10.2014 Gandhi Jayanthi Quiz on 07-10-2014 at Vanchiyur, Thiruvananthapuram
04.10.2014 HSE - Student centric programme -Special Program for career guides at RGNTYD -Deputation of Staff reg
03.10.2014 Wages of School Counselor enhanced G.O
02.10.2014 October 6 th Public Holiday to Educational Institutions - Press Release
02.10.2014 Inspire Award - Selected Students list 
02.10.2014 State Level Role Play Competition on 10-10-2014 at Kerala Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi Thycaud
02.10.2014 Online Quiz Programme in Connection with Gandhi Jayanthi Varaghosham
01.10.2014 Higher Secondary -Financial Assistance to IED Students under RDD Ernakulam-Application called for
01.10.2014 Higher Secondary Examination March 2015 Notification
01.10.2014 Clean Campus-Safe Campus- Celebration of Gandhi Smriti from October 2 to Oct 10 reg
01.10.2014 HSE - Plastic Collection drive on Oct 2
30.09.2014 Higher Secondary - Study Tour - Regulations
30.09.2014 Swatchatha Bharath mission Pledge(Swatchatha Shapath) to be taken on October 2nd in Govt. Institutions  | Pledge | Circular |
30.09.2014 Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations DPI'S ltr to DDE'S dtd 22-09-2014
30.09.2014 Promotion during the currency of Penalty of withholding increment or  without cumulative effect under KCS(CC&A) Rules reg
30.09.2014 Logo invited for Vidyarangam kalasahithya Vedi
29.09.2014 OBC Prematric Scholarship - |Guidelines |Application|
29.09.2014 Time Table -Muslim School Calendar-Change of Date
29.09.2014 Permanent/Temporary relinquishment of HM'S/AEO'S
29.09.2014 Seniority List of Junior Clerks Circular  List
29.09.2014 HSE - Procedures to be followed while taking Disciplinary Action against students - Instructions to Principals
29.09.2014 Complete D A Chart
29.09.2014 WIFS Presentation on Uploading  Data from Schools
29.09.2014 WIFS Presentation on Anaemia Prevention
29.09.2014 Collection of Details about employees with Disabilities
29.09.2014 HSE - By Transfer appointment of HSA/UPSA/LPSA as HSST
27.09.2014 Higher Secondary - School codes alloted for Newly Sanctioned Higher Secondary Schools
27.09.2014 Collection of Staff Details of Management Schools  DPI'S Letter to Corporate Managers/Managers having more than one school.. DPI ltr dtd 26-09-2014
27.09.2014 Aided Status to Special Schools..Application invited from Schools  circular dtd 17-09-2014
27.09.2014 Honorarium to the Staff of Pre Primary Section in Aided Schools
27.09.2014 Higher Secondary - Celebration of Gandhi Smriti and Clean Campus drive reg. Circular
27.09.2014 HSE- Special Fee remittance/utilization & opening of PD account reg
26.09.2014 Wild life week celebration during Oct.2 to 8 Pledge to be taken by Govt.Officials & Students on 06-10-2014
26.09.2014 Conducting Sanskrit Camp 2014-15 ..Directions
26.09.2014 Sanskrit Education-Purchase of Library books reg.
25.09.2014 NuMATS circular 2014
25.09.2014 Gen Edn.Review petition No:347-348 of 2014(state of Kerala Vs T.S Nadeera &another)reg appointment of protected Teachers in Aided Schools.
25.09.2014 General Transfer of Higher Secondary School Teachers - amended order dtd 22-09-2014
25.09.2014 Backward communities -Prematric Scholarship distribution-Revised Guidelines G.O 80/2014 dtd 19-09-2014
25.09.2014 Submission of Service Card of primary HM'S
24.09.2014 K-TET EXAM 2014..Instructions to DEO'S
24.09.2014 World Space Week - |Notification| |Guidelines|Handbook| Poster| Resource material|
24.09.2014 Mobilization of additional resources for State-Revision of non tax revenue items..orders issued
23.09.2014 Prime Ministers award for excellence in public administration for the year 2013-14-Nomination called for
22.09.2014 Transfer and Posting officers in the cadre of DEO'S
22.09.2014 Honorarium to the part time Urdu Teachers for the Year 2014-15 reg.
22.09.2014 Sanskrit Education -Periods alloted in LP Schools
22.09.2014 Provosional List of Transfer of Resource Teachers under IEDSS working on contract basis
22.09.2014 Promotion of last grade servants as clerks -Service card called for- Kannur district
22.09.2014 Vacancy position of government schools in Kannur Dist.Transfer request called from teachers who have been retained 1:35,1:30 ratios
19.09.2014 National Level Painting Competition on Water Conservation Letter   Proforma
19.09.2014 Staff Details of Management Schools called for..DPI'S Letter to Corporate Managers/Managers having more than one school
19.09.2014 House Building Advance to State Govt.Employees for 2014 -15 | Circular  | Combined Seniority List 
19.09.2014 Transfer and Posting of Superintendents & Head Clerks
19.09.2014 List of Beneficiaries of IDMI Scheme
18.09.2014 HSE- Instructions to Principal - in charge of new Schools
18.09.2014 HSE-Science Fair- Collection of 1 Rupee from Students for Gold Cup Reg.
18.09.2014 Transfer and Posting of officers in the cadre of PA to DEO'S
18.09.2014 Ratio Promotion in the cadre of Senior Superintendents and equated categories
18.09.2014 Transfer and posting of Senior Superintendents and appointment of Senior Superintendents
18.09.2014 Anganwadi functioning g along with pre primary - Clarification
18.09.2014 Special issue of 5 Kg rice to School students covered under mid day meal scheme during Onam season - Modified order
18.09.2014 Phone Numbers of DPI Office
18.09.2014 Reporting Existing vacancies to PSC reg.Circular
17.09.2014 Govt order about the Revised Time schedule for Higher Secondary Schools (9AM to 4.45PM)
17.09.2014 Staff Fixation : Teachers Bank - Employee details collection
16.09.2014 HSE - Enrolment date for NSS unit extended to 25-09-2014
13.09.2014 KER Amendment - Recruiting of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs in Aided Schools
13.09.2014 Minority Prematric Scholarship Login/Verify Date Extended to 16-09-2014
12.09.2014 HSE - G.O Related to Panchayath HSS
12.09.2014 HSE - Subjects - Training at Kozhikode from 17-09-2014 to 20-09-2014
11.09.2014 Permission Granted for boating in Idukki & Cheruthoni Dams from 01-09-2014 to 30-09-2014
11.09.2014 Treasury Fixed Deposits- Revision of Interests
11.09.2014 HSE- Panchayath Schools taken over by Govt- amendment in Seniority,Promotion ,Grade ,Transfer
Prime Minister's Speech on Teacher's Day
NIC Webcast - DD News - Rajya Sabha TV - PMO
05.09.2014 Transfer and Postings of Teachers 2014-15 Provisional List
05.09.2014 General Transfer & Postings of HSA -DDE Kannur
05.09.2014 HSE - Transfer of Principals of GHSS
04.09.2014 Staff Fixation 2014-15 -Collecting retrenched Teachers list
04.09.2014 Staff Fixation 2014-15-deployment of retrenched/protected teachers in parent school
04.09.2014 HSE- Kerala NSS Awards declared
04.09.2014 National Means cum Merit Scholarship-2014-2015
04.09.2014 State Level National Talent Search Exam-2014-15
03.09.2014 Final list of eligible candidates who belong to backward communities and secured A+ in  plus two exams
02.09.2014 Govt.Servants -Conduct Rules amendment-Holding Key Positions in Communal & Religious groups reg.
02.09.2014 Final Seniority list of Kannada Knowing HSA'S
01.09.2014 Onam - 5kg Special Rice to students enrolled in noon meal program
01.09.2014 Noon Meal - Cook - Festival Allowance
01.09.2014 Multi Grade Learning Centers(MGLC) - Onam Allowance
01.09.2014 Promotion, Transfer and Postings of officers in the cadre of Heads of department as AEO'S & TTI'S
01.09.2014 Promotion and postings of HSA'S in the cadre of Heads of Panchayath High schools
01.09.2014 HSE -II Year Onam Exam Scheduled to be held on 02-09-2014 postponed to 04-09-2014 in Kannur Dist
01.09.2014 Kerala Sastramela - 1 Kg.Gold Cup  | Press Release | Circular | Annexure I |Annexure II|
30.08.2014 Festival to Pre Primary Teachers , Ayas and Cooks attached to Govt.Schools
30.08.2014 Special Team from the treasury for the verification of Spark data with details in service book-instructions
30.08.2014 Vigilance-Surprise inspection and checking Squad constituted to inspect Officers &Educational institutions
30.08.2014 HSE- Permission granted to conduct Dakshina Bharath Hindi Prachar sabha Exam in HSS
30.08.2014 53rd National Teachers Day Celebration & Award Distibution..Notice
29.08.2014 Eligiblity test for admitting students from UnAided Schools to GOvt/Aided schools - directions from the state child right commission to withdraw G.O 817/14 DPI dtd 18-02-2014
29.08.2014 List of Government Schools without Toilets
29.08.2014 Reporting anticipatory Vacancies upto Dec 31- 2015 before September 1..circular and format
29.08.2014 General Transfer 2014-15 Directions- circular III
29.08.2014 HSE- Teachers Day and congratulations to award winners by NSS
2908.2014 Teachers Day- Prime ministers Address live telecast should me made available to students
29.08.2014 D.Ed Second Semester Revaluation Circular
28.08.2014 State Teachers Award 2014 -15 - Notification
Primary Section | Secondary Section
28.08.2014 Effective Minimum effective strength for linguistic minority(Kannada) schools G.O No:162/14 dt.20-08-14
28.08.2014 Promotion and transfer and posting to the cadre of the Heads of departmental HS/AEO/TTI'S dtd 28-08-14
28.08.2014 Transfer and posting to the cadre of departmental HS/AEO/TTI'S dtd 28-08-2014
28.08.2014 Special Team from the treasury for the verification of Spark data with details in service book
28.08.2014 Promotion & posting of officers in the cadre of departmental HS(Linguistic minority Tamil)
28.08.2014 Re arrangement of excess teachers reg. letter to DDE Thiruvananthapuram from DPI dtd 26-08-2014
27.08.2014 Minority Prematric scholarship- login date extended.circular dtd 26-08-2014
27.08.2014 Noon meal -Pre primary section cancellation of circular reg .inclusion of Pre primary in noon meal scheme
27.08.2014 Service card verification - Clerical post
27.08.2014 Staff Fixation 2014-2015 : Aided school Non Teaching Staff salary
27.08.2014 HSE - Probation in the cadre of HSS Pricipals in Govt Schools
26.08.2014 1 Rs Collection from each student for the 1 KG Gold cup to the State Sasthramela Winners
26.08.2014 Adhoc Bonus & Festival allowance to Govt.Employees sanctioned
26.08.2014 Onam Advance to employees sanctioned G.O
26.08.2014 Special Concessions for students not studying in Malayalam
26.08.2014 Basic infrastructure facilities available in School
26.08.2014 Temporary appointment of daily wages Teachers
26.08.2014 35 - National Games Service of Govt.Employees reg
25.08.2014 Onam Exam Scheduled to be conducted on 26-08-2014 postponed -  press release
25.08.2014 Details of Toilets, Urinals, Drinking water Facilities in Schools should be given to DPI before 29.8.2014 - Press Release
25.08.2014 SchoolUrinals/Toilets - maintaining cleanliness...circular
25.08.2014 Teachers Bank - Collection of employee details-correction and updation reg
25.08.2014 First Term Examination -Smooth conduct of examinations due to ABVP strike dpi ltr dtd 25-08-2014
25.08.2014 HSE - Request for inclusion of students in admitted students list who were wrongly updated as non join by schools..orders issued
25.08.2014 Career advancement  scheme to directly appointed professionals in service - clarification
23.08.2014 General Transfer of Heads of departmental High Schools/TTI'S/ AEO'S
23.08.2014 Staff fixation 2014-15 - rearrangement of excess employees circular dtd 23-08-2014
23.08.2014 Management training for officers in DPI/DDE/DEO/AEO
22.08.2014 Prematric scholarship -2013-14 incorrect bank details for correction- circular and list of beneficiaries -  PDF format  Editable format
22.08.2014 HSE -Seat distribution for additional batches in existing Higher secondary schools
22.08.2014 Constitution of Kerala Administrative Service -Report approved
22.08.2014 Various professional colleges,HSE, VHSE - admission to other backward classes - education benefits sanctioned
22.08.2014 Mandatory reporting of child abuse cases to child welfare committee, childline or police station
22.08.2014 Ravuthar community included in Muslim OBC G.O
22.08.2014 HSE -Seat distribution for additional batches in existing Higher secondary schools
22.08.2014 Higher Seconday - Onam Exam- Modified Time Table
22.08.2014 HSE-Reposting of HSST (junior)Economics
22.08.2014 HSE - ASAP - meeting on 25th August reg
21.08.2014 HSE - New School and Additional Batches - Kannada & Arabic languages sanctioned instead of Malayalam and Hindi  in linguistic  minority areas-Revised Proceding dated 21/08/2014
21.08.2014 Revised provisional seniority list of HSA'S for the period from 01-01-1997 to 31-12-2000
21.08.2014 Higher Secondary - Transfer of Principals 2014 -15
21.08.2014 HSE -SCERT -RP Workshop - Eng &Maths
20.08.2014 Admission to Newly allotted Schools and additional Batches -Revised Schedule-circular dtd 20-08-2014
20.08.2014 New Schools and additional Batches-Revised proceeding dated 20-08-2014 | Annexure |
20.08.2014 Cash Award for SC Students who got A Grade in School Youth Festival
20.08.2014 Appointment of part time instructors - Regarding
20.08.2014 Press Release on National Teachers Day celebration
20.08.2014 Diet- Appointment of Principal and Senior Lecture -Transfer and Postings
20.08.2014 Text Book Second Vol Indent Submission
20.08.2014 SCERT- SRG - Workshop - Arabic,Physics,Comp.Sci/Application,Chem,Malayalam
19.08.2014 Final Seniority list of Tamil knowing HSA'S eligible for out of turn promotion as HM
19.08.2014 New common bill form for non salary claim such as PF, SLI, TA etc
19.08.2014 Training in Regional Institute of English Bangalore for High school English Teachers
19.08.2014 HSE -First year improvement exam -center sanctioned  in Gulf region - New Indian Model HSS Dubai
19.08.2014 HSE -Onam Exam Notification and Timetable
19.08.2014 Admission to New Schools and additional batches..instructions to Principals to stop admission procedure temporarily
19.08.2014 HSE - First Year Improvement Exam-Change of date of Valuation reg
19.08.2014 KSR- Special casual leave to officers having children undergoing chemotherapy, Dialysis & affected with Aids
18.08.2014 Scheme of work 2014-15 Information Technology
18.08.2014 Scheme for promoting young talents in science by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment
18.08.2014 List of OBC Communities which are eligible for educational concessions as is given in OEC
18.08.2014 HSE - General Transfer 2014-15 online application invited
18.08.2014 Regular service of aided school teachers who lost the post due to division fall
18.08.2014 Transfer of employees under Aided/Corporate Management Schools
18.08.2014 Transfer, promotion, grade and seniority of the staff under the Local Self Government body
18.08.2014 HSE-SCERT RP Workshop - Economics, Pol.Sci,History, Sanskrit
16.08.2014 Staff Fixation-Additional Division Verification of UID/EID in all schools - DPI letter dated 14-08-2014
16.08.2014 Prematric Scholarship 2014-2015
16.08.2014 HSE - Newly Sanctioned Higher Secondary Schools & Batches -indenting for Text Books-Directions
16.08.2014 HSE- QIP_Snehapoorvam..Non Submission of details by certain schools reg
16.08.2014 Higher option for General Transfer Categories
15.08.2014 Scheme of work (revised) | HS | UP| LP |
14.08.2014 National Means Cum Merit Scholarship Exam 2014-15 reg
14.08.2014 Admission to New School and New Batch batch-Additional information
14.08.2014 Observance of Sadbhavana Divas on August 20th August  reg..circular and Pledge
14.08.2014 Higher Secondary General Transfer2014-15 reg
14.08.2014 HSE -Regional conference of NSS Program officers reg.
13.08.2014 HSE - Independence Day Celebration reg. Circular
12.08.2014 SSLC 2015 - CWSN regarding
12.08.2014 Statutory Audit of RMSA for the year 2014-15 Details required for Audit
12.08.2014 National School Games 2014-15
12.08.2014 National Talent Search Exam 2014-15
12.08.2014 Scheme of Work 2014-15  |HS |UP |LP|
12.08.2014 Term Evaluation - 2014-15 Primary School
11.08.2014 Monitoring Proforma - HM self Monitoring and Asst.Teachers class monitoring|
11.08.2014 HSE- Residential creative workshop for SRG Training in Sociology- directions to the participants and Principals
09.08.2014 Independence Day Circular
08.08.2014 New Schools and Batches -Courses Sanctioned Order
08.08.2014 Admission Procedure and Schedule in Newly sanctioned schools and additional Batches
08.08.2014 Prematric Scholarship 2014-15 extension of date reg.circular dated 07-08-2014
08.08.2014 HSE -Teachers Award - Entries invited
08.08.2014 HSE -Astanga -Mega Ayurvedic Expo Reg
07.08.2014 Staff Fixation 2014-15 Deployment of excess Teachers in Govt.Schools-clarification from the DPI -Letter dtd 06-08-2014
07.08.2014 Xth Equivalency Exam2014 -Question paper indent and appointment of invigilators regarding..letter to DEO's from the commissioner of Examinations
07.08.2014 National Integration Essay Competition
06.08.2014 School Parliament Election -Modified circular Model Nomination Form
06.08.2014 Pay Revision Comission Questionaire - |Malayalam Version |English Version|
06.08.2014 Provisional Seniority list of Kannada Knowing HSA'S eligible for out of term promotion as HM 2014-2015
06.08.2014 Districtwise Transfer 2014-2015 reg.uploading vacancies based on staff fixation 2014 and time schedule
05.08.2014 Staff fixation 2014-letter from DPI to DDE'S dtd 05-08-2014
05.08.2014 State level inspire award exhibition at Kollam on 14/08/2014 -request to forward the list of selected students
05.08.2014 Official Languages Awards-Nominations invited
05.08.2014 Higher Secondary Scout and Guides -Training for scout masters 5th Spell circular dtd 05-08-2014
05.08.2014 Staff Fixation online entry reg.Letter from DPI to ALL DDE/DEO/AEO's dt 04-08-2014
05.08.2014 HSE -Additional skill acquisition program- starting skill training program for newly selected schools -  circular
05.08.2014 HSE-NSS Pre Republic day parade camp -selection of volunteers reg.circular
04.08.2014 HSE- First Year improvement Exam Revised Date of Exam
04.08.2014 First Terminal Exam Time Table |HS Section | | UP Section | Muslim Schools |
04.08.2014 HSE - By Transfer appointment of HSST (Jr) as HSST (Hindi)
04.08.2014 Tribunal order about primary Hm Promotion
04.08.2014 TTC 2014-  Exam  Revaluation Form and Circular
04.08.2014 TTC 2014- Exam RAL candidates Result - Circular
04.08.2014 Medical certificate of disabled persons-Representative from the Medical Education department also included in the committee..order
02.08.2014 Reporting Vacancies to PSC through e mail - amended orders issued-No:1534/P&AR.C3/2014dtd 24-07-2014
02.08.2014 10th Standard Equivalency 2014- New Centres
02.08.2014 K TET |Prospectus |Syllabus- Category I | Category II | Category III |Category IV |
02.08.2014 Higher Secondary Ist Year Improvement Exam August 2014 - Hall Ticket distribution reg.
02.08.2014 Residential Training For HSST'S in rare subjects-  Teachers deputed for Plus one improvement Exam are exempted from attending the training - Circular dtd 02-08-2014
02.08.2014 Shine John Memorial Inter School Quiz Competition - invitation
01.08.2014 Subject Combination of Newly Sanctioned Schools
01.08.2014 Staff Fixation 2014-15 Disbursement of Salary from 15-07-2014 Circular
01.08.2014 Setting up of online receipt acounting system (e-treasury) process flow - approved
01.08.2014 Transfer and posting of HSA'S in Panchayath High Schools
01.08.2014 New Common Bill Form for drawing non salary claims -renamed as Form 59(C)
31.07.2014 Know & Get Scholarships - An article by Malayala Manorama
30.07.2014 Staff fixation2014 - Letter from DPI to DDE/DEO/AEO'S dtd 30-07-2014
30.07.2014 School parliament Election postponed ..DPI ltr dtd 30-07-2014
30.07.2014 Income Tax deductions from the Salary of Government Employees.Instructions
30.07.2014 Plus One admission-Inclusion of details of adm. to Management Quota and UnAided Schools in Central Admission Registry -Instructions
30.07.2014 Retirement of Anganwadi workers Restricted to age 62..Orders issued
30.07.2014 Sanskrit Week Celebrations from 7th Aug to 13th August ltr form MHRD dtd 20-06-2014
30.07.2014 Higher Secondary- NSS Enrolment reg. Circular
27.07.2014 Urdu Higher Exam March 2014 Results -  Click Here
27.07.2014 Nursery teachers Education Course Exam March 2014 Results  - Click Here
26.07.2014 Conducting Grama Sabhas during working days in schools - Instructions issued.
26.07.2014 Compassionate Employment Scheme - Fixing of Norms regarding service conditions of appointees recruited against supernumery posts -orders
26.07.2014 Promotion,Transfer & Posting of officers in the cadre of departmental HS/AEO/TTIs
25.07.2014 DPI Press release about disciplinary action against Teachers
25.07.2014 Higher Secondary Plus One improvement exam Aug 2014 -permitting students from Gulf Schools to write exam in Kerala reg
25.07.2014 Higher Secondary -career day celebration -Directions to principals
24.07.2014 Implementation of OSS in state schools  - circular
24.07.2014 Option for Notional Grade questionaire-HM's Magazine by KPPHA July 2014
24.07.2014 Minority Prematric Scholarship - extension of Date Notification    Circular
24.07.2014 Rastriya Indian Military college -Entrace Exam 2014 reg.Circular
24-07-2014 Urika Kerala Knowledge fest
24.07.2014 Art 2014-All Kerala Painting competition for HS & HSS -Pencil drawing &Water Colour
23.07.2014 Transfer and posting of officers in the cadre of departmental HS linguistic minority Kannada- order
23.07.2014 Early Disbursement of Pay and allowances to Muslim employees of state govt.G.O.P 305/2014 dtd 23-07-2014
23.07.2014 Promotion of Last Grade Servants as Clerks and Typists - Clarification G.O.P 21/2014 dtd 19-07-2014
23.07.2014 Department Test July 2014 - Instructions to candidates
23.07.2014 List of Books selected for libraries in Govt Schools
23.07.2014 Ma Nishada My dream Kerala -Permission to conduct painting competition in schools-ltr
22.07.2014 DA Arrear -crediting to PF Accounts -Time Limit Extended
22.07.2014 Income Tax -TDS Instructions Issued ltr No:64314/2014 fin dtd 16-07-2014
22.07.2014 By Trasfer appointment of HSST Arabic Junior as HSST Arabic
22.07.2014 Higher Secondary -Scout and Guides- Training for guide captains - IV th Batch reg.
21.07.2014 Staff Fixation-Deployment of surplus Govt.School Teachers -Instructions
21.07.2014 Option for notional grade for primary & High school Headmasters..G.O.(P)290/2014 fin dtd 16-07-2014
21.07.2014 Illegal collection of money during admission to Plus one  reg.
21.07.2014 School Parliament Election 2014- 15
19.07.2014 Sanskrit Day  - Pledge
19.07.2014 C -TET September 2014 | Notification | Website |
19.07.2014 Transfer,Promotion,Grade,Seniority of Teaching&Non-Teaching Staff in Self Govt.Schools
19.07.2014 SCERT -Meeting of Aided school Managers and representatives of Recognised Teachers union postponed
19.07.2014 Higher Secondary New Time Table Circular dtd 07-07-2014
19.07.2014 CWSN Medical Camp 2014-15 reg
18.07.2014 Higher Secondary  - Plus One Admission -Marginal increase in seats allowed order dtd 18-07-2014
18.07.2014 Subrato Mukharjee  cup foot ball championship reg.
18.07.2014 HSE -Special School Teachers-Qualification and method of appointment modified -circular
17.07.2014 Competitions for Teachers in connection with Teachers Day - DPI Circular
17.07.2014 HSE - Scout & Guides - Training for Scout masters - Third batch from 21st July to 27th July
17.07.2014 Mutual or Inter departmental Transfer from one unit  to another in the same department or from one department to another dept.
17.07.2014 Format of declaration on the authenticity of students who have not received UID/EID - Classwise   pdf
17.07.2014 Competitions for Sanskrit Teachers in connection with State level Sanskrit Day Celebration
17.07.2014 National Pension System - mobility to state employees appointed into the service on or before 31-03-2013 & reappointed in various institutions on or after 01-04-2013
16.07.2014 Conducting Aksharamuttam Quiz Competition reg
16.07.2014 Promotion and posting to the cadre of departmental HS/AEO'S and TTI'S
16.07.2014 Transfer and posting to the cadre Heads of departmental HS/AEO's/TTI'S
14.07.2014 Transfer, Promotion, posting of Junior Superintendents and Head Clerks
14.07.2014 Ratio Promotion In the cadre of senior superintedents and equated categories
14.07.2014 Transfer of Teachers-  Submission of confidential report
12.07.2014 Primary  Headmasters Promotion - Exemption from Departmental test-High court Judgement dtd 24-06-20144
11.07.2014 Higher Secondary - Promotion of Principals reg.
11.07.2014 Higher Secondary - By Transfer appointment of HSST in Arabic(junior) as HSST Arabic
11.07.2014 Vidyaranga Kalasahithya vedi - meeting of district conveners reg circular dtd 07-07-2014
11.07.2014 Application of CBSE/ICSE/recognized unaided school students -  circular dtd 09-07-2014
10.07.2014 Staff Fixation  through Sampoorna - Circular dated 10-07-2014
10.07.2014 Staff fixation -UID/EID print out -login disabled for HM due to site jam letter dtd 10-07-2014
10.07.2014 B.Ed Course 2014-15 selection of candidates under Departmental Quota - Application called for
10.07.2014 Examination Concessions to CWSN Students in SSLC 2015 Instructions and Annexures  in Malayalam   English
10.07.2014 Prematric scolarship 2014-15 Implementing DBT reg. circular dtd 08-07-2014
10.07.2014 Prematric Scholarhip 2014-15 Rejcting application having income less than course fee in respect of CBSE/ISCE & other recognised Un Aided schools cir dtd 09-07-2014
10.07.2014 No objection certificate to CBSE/ICSE schools- Extension of receipt of application cir dtd 19-06-2014
10.07.2014 HSE - Duties of Lab Assistants
10.07.2014 RBI Quiz 2014  - Preliminary Selection - Notification
09.07.2014 Higher Secondary - NSS Award declared
09.07.2014 WIFS - Circular  Training manual  Guidelines to schools  Monitoring Formats
09.07.2014 SSLC 2015 - CV COVER/ANSWER SHEET Requirement Indent - Circular
08.07.2014 PSC Departmental Test July 2014 Time Table
08.07.2014 Special Allowance to clerks or Peons for handling cash  drawal through ATM Clarification
07.07.2014 Sampoorna Staff fixation 2013-14 Guidelines regarding taking the EID/UID print out of the 6th working day
07.07.2014 Transfer & Postings to the cadre of Heads of High Schools
05.07.2014 DPI Circular about Collection & remittance of Athletic fund for the year 2014-15
05.07.2014 Staff fixation 2013& 2014 amendment order G.O(P) No 124/2014 Gen.Edn dtd 04-07-2014
05.07.2014 Pay Revision 2014-Classification of Govt.employees -Modification
05.07.2014 HSE-Single window system of +1 course for the academic year 2014-2015 - Prospectus
04.07.2014 Staff Fixation 2013-14-Deploying excess teachers in work arrangement - instructions ltr datd 04-07-2014
04.07.2014 Text Book Distribution 2014 from Hub upto 15-07-2014 Circular
04.07.2014 Higher Secondary - Additional Batch-Anomaly post creation - G.O
04.07.2014 Higher Secondary-Anomaly post creation G.O Annexure
04.07.2014 Reconcile Statement on amount spent - Regarding
04.07.2014 10th Equivalency Exam 2014 Notification
04.07.2014 Qualification for the post of HSA(Nat.Science)-Modified order dated 19-06-2014
03.07.2014 Free Carrier Guidance for Minority Students
03.07.2014 Reconcile Statement on amount spent - Regarding
03.07.2014 Science/Maths/Social Science Action Plan & Circulars
02.07.2014 Sanctioning of Pensionary benefits -Instructions issued - circular 64/2014 Fin dated 24-06-2014
02.07.2014 Kerala Service Rules -Sanctioning Pension long after retirement- Time limit specified G.O(P)236/2014Fin dtd 21-06-2014
02.07.2014 Transfer and posting of DEO's and DDE's
01.07.2014 Higher Secondary- Scout &Guides - Selected school list
01.07.2014 OBC Pre-Matric Scholarship : Fund Distribution | Alloted Schools | Beneficiaries List |
01.07.2014 MDMS Allotment of contingent charge to Schools..Quarter 1 -2014-15-AEO Wise
01.07.2014 Pre-Primary attached to Govt.Schools -including pupils in the noon meal programme reg.Circular
01.07.2014 HSE- Gandhi Darshan - Teachers Training in TVM Dist Postponed
01.07.2014 Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2014- Collection of funds by Govt.officials through sale of Tickets -Permission granted in southern Districts
01.07.2014 SSLC 2014 -Direction on exemption of age circular dtd 23-06-2014
30.06.2014 Starting Resource centres in General Schools under IED at AEO Level reg.
30.06.2014 Inspire Award 2014-15 Circular  Website  Help File  General Guidelines
28.06.2014 Report of Transfer of charge of Gazetted officers - Clarification issued circular No:24151Fin 19-06-2014
28.06.2014 Financial Assistance to children from Women Headed Families -Application
28.06.2014 Sampoorna Help File
28.06.2014 Higher Secondary Revised Time Table & Govt.Order
28.06.2014 IEDC Medical Camp -Circular
28.06.2014 National Handicapped Award -2014 Applications invited (SWD) Circular H3/25768 dtd 25-06-2014
28.06.2014 Tranfer and postings of employees to the office of the commissioner for Government Examinations,TVM
28.06.2014 Prevention of unauthorized correction in the school records
28.06.2014 Payment of Honorarium to the Eligible Teachers & Ayahs of Pre Primary School attached to Govt.Schools
27.06.2014 Staff Fixation through Sampoorna - Circular
27.06.2014 Ratio Promotion of UD Typist | Promotion in the cadre of Selection Grade Typist
27.06.2014 HSE- By Transfer appointment- Economics
27.06.2014 School Kalolsavam - Fund Collection
26.06.2014 Kairali Vijnjan Pareeksha
26.06.2014 Financial Assistance for children who excel in Art forms
26.06.2014 Higher Secondary Education- Academic-Prof.P.O.J.Lebba Committee Report- Five-day working days in Higher Secondary Schools- G.O.(MS)No.117/2014/G.Edn Dt. 24/06/2014
26.06.2014 Celebrations at government offices during working hours-directions - Cir.No.21040/A R 13/2013/P&ARD Dt. 05/03/2014
26/06/14 HSS - Safety of school Bus -Instructions - Cir Dt. 24/06/2014
26/06/14 HSS - PTA fund - Instructions - Cir Dt.16/06/2014